Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
17 February 2019 (21:19) Bug was fixed where characters were created with 50 less mana than they should have been. All characters mana adjusted accordingly
27 January 2019 (15:46) Maximum amount of characters per account limit increased to 20
02 January 2019 (17:36) Fixed NPC Gnomegica's buy/sell list
02 January 2019 (16:58) Fixed issue of not being able to sell empty flasks to Rabaz NPC
27 July 2017 (23:08) Server migrated to new NBN site!
17 February 2019 (21:18) by GM Reborn - Website back online


The website is now operational again after a long absence. Welcome back players!

29 December 2016 (14:22) by GM Iron Monkey - New Years Event

Great news players!

To celebrate the new year, from now until Jan 1st 2017, the Tibian gods will be gifting one item of your choice per person. That's right, any item that was introduced up to and including Tibia 10.98. It could be that Prismatic Armor or that Umbral Master Slayer or anything else you've seen in other worlds.

To qualify, the item must exist on TibiaWiki and not have been replaced with a newer version (e.g. you cannot choose an Amulet of Life). This item cannot be changed after it is given so choose wisely!

All you have to do to claim this gift is to message me in game with the item name 

Happy New Year!

29 December 2016 (13:51) by GM Reborn - Character level adjustments

Hi players,

The levels of all 300+ characters was set back to 300. Not everyone will be happy with this but it had to be done for the following reasons:
  1. Game balancing and challenge of the game. This server was primarily created to allow players to recreate experiences of real Tibia such as hunting, exploring, leveling, doing quests, trying to be top of the leaderboards etc. A sense of achievement can be gained from putting the time in and achieving a goal. The fun can be taken out if everything is given at the beginning and there is no real challenges left
  2. Game content update. Most game updates so far have been to fix bugs/issues found during quests or normal gameplay and add new content for mid/low level characters. High level characters would naturally want high level quests/hunting areas. It would be extremely time consuming to accommodate everyone if there is too large a gap between levels of characters
Additionally experience gain rates have been adjusted so gaining levels on lower characters should be a breeze. Check out the Server Information tab for more details. 

Your understanding is appreciated

28 December 2016 (01:36) by GM Reborn - Update 10.98 Live

Update to 10.98 complete

Please report any bugs you encounter